Applied Mechanics Data and Image Repository

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The Applied Mechanics Data and Image Repository is designed to be an archive of high fidelity data sets, images, videos, sounds, etc for use by members of the community for both pedagogical and research applications. Examples of information posted to this site include generic stress-strain data for different materials, images of deformation localization, dislocations, and fracture phenomena, video clips of structural response, failure phenomena animations of simulated response, or other such things you might think of!

Owners of the files may embed identifying information on the data or image regarding the original source but otherwise, the information deposited here must be free of copyright restrictions. Initially, I will moderate the postings to the Repository; please send me an e-mail ( with your file to be uploaded. As the Repository matures, the nature of the postings will be apparent; at that point, we can organize the collection better and release control to the group that is active in postings.

My hope is that the Repository will become a useful tool to the Applied Mechanics community in exchanging information, archiving important data sets, and providing access to more than what is available through the printed archival journals.

K. Ravi-Chandar
University of Texas at Austin


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